You got here because you were looking for a psychologist or therapist. You found my site because you might have been searching for an answer to understand your anxiety, depression or that feeling of misery. Maybe you lost your job, or you are having relationship problems. Maybe, you just want to understand yourself and deal with the world and others better. However you found me and my site, you found the right place. As a Florida Licensed Psychologist, I am trained to listen and help you find a way to activate your own internal resources to find meaning, and the strength to find excellence, beauty and happiness in your life. I use a variety of tools and am trained in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Psychoanalytic Psychology, NLP / Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (specifically REBT-Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy). I also work with people who have addictions and want to find successful recovery. 

Take a moment, now, and write down a few questions, and then call me and we can discuss what is troubling you and what you want to work on. Whether it is feelings of anxiety, panic, a feeling of being lost or having no direction in life, depression, or confusion over a break-up, a psychologist can help. I can help. You want relief and you want to understand. At the Boca Raton Psychologist office of Dr. Lawrence J. Levy we can offer you a combination of heart, empathy, and understanding to help you find your own solutions to the problems which you are facing. We all have an inner desire to grow. Psychotherapy can help. Call now for a telephone consultation.



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